It is possible that your doctor does not have any slots available on the particular day you are looking for. Please try for a different day. If the problem persists, contact the hospital directly to book your appointment. 

If you are LVPEI staff booking an appointment for a patient, please escalate this issue to the EMR associate. The EMR associate can check the following: 

  1. Find out if the doctors have registered themselves on ConnectCare.
  2. Ensure that the email address registered in EMR schedule and that registered on ConnectCare match.
  3. Ensure that the department registered by the doctor on ConnectCare and the department in which slots are booked match.
  4. Ensure that slots are opened under the category OC for this doctor. 

In case the email address did not match and you have updated the same, raise a ticket here and we will sync up the calendar ASAP. 

In case the problem is still not resolved, raise a ticket here in the help desk.