Where can I find my report after tele-consultation?

Sent through SMS

ConnectCare sends you an SMS from 'LVPEI' as soon as your report is ready. This SMS will be sent to the contact number given for the appointment. 

Available on the ConnectCare app

You can also download the ConnectCare app onto your smartphone or tablet to get notified when your report is ready and get access to all your previous reports at any time. Refer to 'How do I set-up the app for my tele-consultation?' to know more. 

On the Home screen

If your appointment was completed in the last week, the reports will always be available on the home screen for you to view. 

In the Records section

Navigate to the 'Reports' tab in the 'Records' section to find all the reports from past tele-consultation appointments. 

Through the Appointments section

Navigate to the 'Completed' tab in the 'Appointments' section to view all your past tele-consultation appointments with different doctors. Every appointment listing in the page has an option to download the corresponding report.